Hi there! I’m Tracy, and I live in Rochester. My husband and I both attended college at Rochester Institute of Technology, which is where we met and fell in love. It wasn’t long after that we were engaged and married. We settled down in Rochester with our kitty in tow, and recently acquired a new member of the family, our golden retriever Riley.

Unlike many preservers who grew up on a farm and who were taught how to grow fruits and vegetables and how to put up their bounty to get through the harsh winters ahead, I grew up without a lot of that knowledge. But the stories my mother told me about her life growing up on a farm really stuck with me: from tending chickens, to picking wild blackberries to make jams and pies, to standing in my grandmother’s kitchen, with hands stained red from squeezing tomatoes to put up their own homemade tomato sauce.

Being newly married, I had a lot to learn in the way of cooking…but in 2008, my adventures in canning & preserving began.  I was unhappy with many aspects of our current food system, particularly the presence of the many unpronounceable preservatives and other ingredients in our foods, and I yearned to return to a simpler time when foods were more wholesome and the community came together to support their own. As such, some of the most important aspects of preserving to me are connecting with and supporting local farmers, and sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally as much as possible in order to support our local businesses and economy.

Today, I continue to build upon my early knowledge of preserving, expanding my products to include an array of jams, jellies, marmalades, and fruit butters. Since I hand-craft preserves in small batches with what is seasonally available from local farmers, there is always something fresh and different on my shelves. I really enjoy what I do, from crafting preserves to attending events and meeting so many wonderful people from around the area. I hope to see you soon!


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